Cloud Engineer
- Operations manager within IAAS cloud provider
- Deployment and maintenance of VMware, Linux, and Windows serivces
- Monitoring and reporting of infrastructure and applications
- Cloud services implementations utilizing automation and manual processes

Datacenter Administration
- Global support operations across teams
- Physical site management of compute, network, cabling, and cabinet infrastructure
- Asset inventory, equipment purchasing, and multi-site administration
- Cloud services implementation utilizing IT systems
- Systems administration reporting and resolving incidents, performing changes, and completing system builds
- Local team management

Information Technology Director
- Business accountability for information technology and telecommunications systems
- Organizational supervisor creating and implementing information technology policies
- SIte and equipment planning for office layout projects
- Resource manager

Technical Support Manager
- Direct accountability for responsible system infrastructures
- Instruction and supervising of employees
- Inventory control asset management 
- Physical site security using alarms and video recording equipment
- Office design and layout
- Technical project management

Network Systems Administrator Analyst
- Deploy, configure, maintain, and monitor wired and wireless network equipment to ensure continuous systems operation
- Manage the evaluation, testing and integration of new technology, methodologies, capacity planning and technical support of all network based technologies in order to ensure optimum system integrity and volume response
- Monitor network up-time and utilization, application availability, database functionality, and bandwidth utilization with local and remote probes. Historical log reporting and alert notifications
- Plan and implement LAN and Internet network connectivity configurations using switches, routers, and service provider equipment
- Administration, backup, and maintenance of server applications and databases

Data Network Engineer Technician
- Installation of Ethernet, telecommunications, and coaxial cabling infrastructures
- Testing cable runs for connectivity, attenuation, and wire mapping
- Mount and set up network and infrastructure equipment
- Specify power requirements to ensure continuous electrical availability and emergency power cycling
- Document and map existing network infrastructures and systems configurations
- Support infrastructure systems and services
- Application performance and usage monitoring

Helpdesk Support
- Workstation, application, and user support
- Desktop technician
- Operating System and application installation

Information Technology Instructor
- Plan and organize technical training courses
- Give technical presentations
- Perform live online workshops

Web Site Design and Development
- Internet sites serving as public points of presence
- Intranet sites for information dissemination and data collection
- Web systems configuration and support
- Digital photography and graphics editing